No matter where in the world one has to travel to, being it a first solo trip or professional globetrotting, there is always a checklist which has to be fulfilled while packing your travel essentials. It is always helpful to have run through of items you may want to pack during your trip. So, mentioned here is a thorough list of items either useful for your domestic or international travels which comes to your rescue of what is needed to be packed and those of which can be avoided. And trust me, you may want to bookmark this post to later check upon when your trip is nearby.


The golden rule to follow when travelling is to keep your luggage handy, big enough, light weight and flexible. Invest in your luggage generously because it is going to be your travel companion for your entire trip and believe me you do not want to deal with sloppy straps of bags or rusty zippers or broken wheels.

 Wheels luggage- This particular item is god sent else you would not want to carry loads of kilos on your back.

Backpack- These are regular bags which you can sling on both of your shoulders and you are done for any of your trips. They are extremely versatile and flexible to handle.

Sling bags- These bags are very common to be found and comes in various shapes and sizes. They are basically just for keeping your mini items during your run while on the trip. Bum- bags and shoulder slings are one of them.

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Organizing stuff is no cake walk. The art of organizing is a talent which not so many possess. But let us make your people’s task easier. Keeping every item organized in your packing bag is a challenge, so to make your task easier organizers come in handy.

Compression Bags - also known as vacuum bags these are sealable or zipper plastic bags with pressure pushing the air out and not letting it in. Pack each day’s outfit in a separate bag including inners, tops and bottoms and seal it and that is all the mess sorted right out there.

Passport Covers and Card holders/organizers- It is a real necessity that your passport, credit cards, debit cards and various other sorts are with you when travelling and keeping them in a place where it is easy to access is a must. So, these passport covers and card holders/organizers takes your travel packing game to the next level.

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Toiletry is an imperative part of your luggage while travelling. You may not want to suffer when there is no toilet paper in your room or your feminine hygiene products saying their last goodbyes to you. Following is a list of our recommendation which need to be essentially kept during your packing session.

  1. Shampoo, conditioners, serums, hair gels.
  2. Toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, facewash.
  3. Face, skin and makeup essentials.
  4. Hairbrush, combs and hair bands or ties and other hair products.
  5. Personal hygiene and feminine hygiene items.
  6. Cologne/perfume.
  7. Shaving kit and extra razors.
  8. First aid kit.
  9. Personal medical prescriptions (with doctor’s prescription).
  10. Toiletry organizer.

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Neck Pillow - If you intend to get some good sleep you need to carry this baby with you. These pillows are filled with micro-beads which provide comfort to your neck while sleeping.

Eye Mask- You do not want to disturb you eyes while sleeping because of your flight neighbor using his phone with that eye piercing lights on. So, my friend this is an absolute item in your packing list.

Headphones or earphones- When you fancy listening to some music or watching movies or just do not want to listen to some random people talking this product is of an absolute use.

Earplugs - After watching a nice movie on a long-haul flight you need to get you beauty sleep without getting any sound in your ears and without getting extremely disturbed by the buzzing aeroplane or the creepy neighbor trying to contact you. Earplugs are a must.

Socks and Slippers - Getting cold feet or want to run for the bathroom, these products are your absolute saviors.

Tech Items - You cannot think of travelling without your tech. products be it your mobile, laptop etc. But it is a nightmare when it’s battery dies, so keeping portable chargers, power banks or universal power plug adapter, multipin plugs, power surge protector etc.with you is of utmost importance.

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