Power banks are one of the ultimate necessities of the modern era. Watching your phone or tablet run out of battery and not having a charging portal everywhere is quiet frustrating. Well, a power bank is the savior of the day which come to your rescue. It ensures you that you never run out of your gadget’s juice when you are on the move. But the most difficult part is that of all the countless varieties the market is offering you, which one you should consider buying? How much are you willing to spend on it? How much will be your usage once you get it? Characteristics of a power bank is of great necessity. 

Do not fret, we are here to help you always. Following are some major points we think are important for you to consider as a consumer.

  •  Size and capacity
  • It is a well-known and accepted fact that the bigger will be the size of the battery the better the quantity (mAh) you would be provided in it. But a point to be considered is that every person has different needs and not all people would like to buy a power bank which is of that much quantity and additionally costing more. Generally, a pocket-sized power bank is considered ideal for charging as it charges up to one time of the gadget, preferably speaking phones and tablets etc. but as the size of it increases its mAh increases too making it unable to fit in the pocket but making it advantageous to charge your phone more.

    For people who tend to consume their batteries more there is a perfect option: Product: Baseus 20000mAh PD Fast Charging + Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank

    Best pocket-sized friendly power bank option. Product:10000mAh Power Bank With LED Display 

  • Fast charging
  • Fast charging plays an imperative role in you as a consumer buying and consequently using a power bank. You may not appreciate having a power bank which takes forever to charge itself and the phone it charges too. The cost you are willing to pay also effects how much better quality you will get as the price increases.

    The mentioned product is one of the most preferred options when it comes to fast charging. 

    Product: 10000mAh Slim Fast Charging Power bank 

  • Wire and Wireless charging
  • There are basically two types of charging facilities available which you will find in the market i.e. wire charging (power bank which uses wire which connects to a phone to charge it) and wireless charging (power bank which does not need a wire to charge a phone etc.) 

    Wireless charging has started being preferred by many as it does not require a cable to connect it to a phone and you can simply place your phone upon the battery which will automatically start charging it.  

    You may see the recommended preferred option below.

    Product: Wireless Charger Power Bank - 10000mAh